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Call Today:
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Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm
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Opening Hours:
Mon–Fri: 8:30am–5:00pm
Sat: 9:30am-1:00pm


Technology is constantly evolving and in today’s world of smart phones and TV’s and with smart technology at our fingertips then why not ‘smart workshops’. Vehicle technology is constantly evolving as more and more customers demand smart vehicles.

The development of Electric/Hybrid cars are now at the forefront of most manufacturers and as they are around three times more efficient than cars with just an internal combustion engine it’s hardly surprising that people are now considering this as a mode of transport for the future. In an announcement on 6th July 2017 the French government has set out an ambitious goal for no more petrol or diesel cars to be sold in the country by 2040. This follows a proposal to ban diesel cars from Paris city centre by 2020. No doubt the UK will follow suit.

This means that the independent garage aftermarket needs to evolve too not only providing better technical service but also trust from the customer. M-Tech has a ‘Smart’ approach to new technology providing customers with the latest technology from diagnostic equipment, MOT station and direct access to dealer O.D.I.S software. They are proactive in their staff training thus retaining their customers’ trust long term. In its day to day work M-Tech will use at least one if not all of the following Smart Technology available to them when servicing or repairing your vehicle.


Autologic Assist is the only vehicle connected support service in the world. Staffed by dealer-trained Master Technicians they provide the help and tools needed to fix cars faster and efficiently.

Direct connection of your vehicle electronics to the factory. In 2013 VW Group including Audi, SEAT, and Skoda introduced new technology to diagnose, repair and replace components on new model releases from 2012 onwards. M-Tech are registered to carry out security procedures on your car such as key coding and immobilser repair and replacement. When your car is connected with O.D.I.S the manufacturer will record the procedure carried out by M-Tech. Valuable diagnostic procedures and essential software updates are important to keep your car up to date and reliable. Every task on this new dealer test equipment is performed online using secure connections to VW factory servers in Germany. The new system introduces brand new methods for correctly diagnosing & logging repairs on VAG Group vehicles.

We are enrolled with most German car manufacturers to access and update digital service records. This is essential to maintain the requirements of vehicle manufactures warranties and service records. We have our own registration number with VAG and we are recognised as a registered workshop.

M-Tech have commenced electric vehicle training which is ongoing. The training involves teaching the skills required to work safely in and around the vehicle’s electric system.